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Welcome to my fan site Sasami! I'm am a fan of the whole Tenchi Muyo series (it's what got me into anime) and obviously Sasami is my favorite charecter. I am just creating this site, and if anyone wants to help, just send me some of your work. I'm sorry I can't pay anybody, but fans shouldn't even want pay for something like this. I would like a message board/fourms and would appresiate it if anyone could help. Thank you for reading this and enjoy the site!

This Site is devoted to Sasami (if you haven't figured it out) and if you have any pictures or information that you see I don't, please send it to me through e-mail. Anything new would be much appresiated!!

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News & Updates

4/8/05 - Working on getting the wallpapers up.
4/5/05 - Fine tuning different things.
4/1/05 - Galleries got set up.
4/1/05 - Got the site up and running!


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I do not own any Tenchi Muyo! charecters, or companies. This is mearly a fan site.